oc_60min prompt last night was haircut and i like dyed undercuts so




touch イラストメイキング the BEST COLLECTION このイラストのメイキングを掲載して頂きました。



when your parents won’t let you do it for the nookieimage

When you did it for the nookie but the nookie wasn’t worth it



厚底 スリッポン//ハリネズミDOT ソックス


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how old is he does he know any cool tricks

hes like 4 months old and I think one of the workers taught him how to sit hes so cute and nice :’/

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can you just hook me up and give it to me for free like cut a hole in the fence of the back of your work place and ill take care of the rest

brah I would be so happy to give him to you for free cuz I’m tired of coming in to work and seeing his sad face or you can just wait till next month and he’ll prob be like $100-$200

the fact that no one wants to buy the $600 pure bred german shephard at my job just because he’s all black makes me realize that racism will never end

I remember my mom telling me that she used to make me and my brothers sleep all day and stay up all night when we were babies so she is the real reason why we’re all so fucked up…

I’ve been trying to fix my sleeping schedule since I was 9

I dont have work till 3 in the afternoon tomorrow so that means I’m prob gonna stay up till like 6am


8 year old me: “I love cartoon network and Nickelodeon”

18 year old me: “I love hentai”